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WordPress Interview Question:

Preparing yourself for all answers in WordPress Development.

What is Lorem Ipsum?

-- What exactly is WordPress?
It is a popular Open-Source Content Management System (CMS) as well as a blogging platform built on PHP and MySQL. The nicest thing about WordPress is that it is free, and we can use it for both personal and business websites.

-- Is a WordPress website secure and safe?
WordPress is a safe and secure platform to use. In the sense that we don't have to worry about anything, the greatest part is that WordPress will still recommend updating your site to the most recent WordPress version to avoid hacking.

-- What do you believe the most recent WordPress version is?
According to me, the most recent version of WordPress is 4.9.8, which was published on August 2, 2018.

-- What are the various system prerequisites for installing WordPress?
The following are required for installation:

MySQL 5.0 +
The WAMP (Windows) Web Server
The LAMP (Linux) stack
The XAMP (Multi-platform) protocol
The Macintosh MAMP
Cross-platform operating system
Browsers supported include Internet Explorer (versions 8 and higher), Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.
PHP Compatibility - PHP 5.2 and up