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Magento Developer Interview Question:

Preparing yourself for all answers in Magento Development.

Magento Developer Interview Question

-- What precisely is Magento?
Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that assists businesses in optimising the operation and management of their e-commerce websites. Varien Inc initially published it in 2008, after which it was sold to eBay and later split off into another version. Magento 2 is the answer. Magento 2 was released in November 2015, and in this version, it has been improved and sophisticated website functionalities have been introduced.

-- How can Magento benefit businesses?
Businesses benefit from several platforms. Magento as well. It provides tremendous control and flexibility, allowing merchants to easily manage their e-commerce business. It's user-friendly layout and comprehensive functionality will make running an e-commerce site easier than on other platforms.

-- How many Magento versions are there?
Magento is a platform that sells a wide range of goods. They divided depending on several offerings:

Magento Order Management
Magento Business Intelligence
Magento Commerce
Magento eCommerce
Magento Social
Magento Open Source

-- What exactly is MVC Architecture?
MVC, which stands for Model-View-Controller, is a well-known architecture on the market today. It is split into three sections:
Model, View, and Controller. The model will take care of the data and logic involved in operating an application. The view is a lot of what you see on the application's interface, and it also allows you to display whatever you want. Depending on the user's needs, the Controller will pass or issue commands to the view and model.

-- Which of the following statements is used to enable or disable a Magento 2 module?
To enable or disable a Magento 2 extension, use the methods listed below.
module: enable module_name php bin/Magento deactivate module_name in php bin/magento module

-- What are the limits of the Magento software?
Magento is a market-leading e-commerce software solution. There is no doubt that the platform is extremely beneficial for e-commerce firms. However, its disadvantage is that it demands an excessive amount of space and memory. Furthermore, it necessitates object-oriented programming to avoid becoming a complicated system. Furthermore, Magento might cause your website to slow down and negatively impact performance.

-- What kind of tables will be generated after the creation of a new EAV module?
If you construct a new EAV module, six tables will be created. These are some examples:

Module_datetime Module
Module_int Module_text

-- In Magento 2, how can you make a custom module?
Assume the model name is 'hosting'. You must locate it in the app/code folder.
It should be something like app/code/VendorName/moduleName.
For instance, app/code/Mageplaza/Hosting.
To develop a custom module in Magento 2, follow the instructions below.

Make a folder for the 'hosting' module.
Make a file called etc/module.xml.
Make a file called etc/registration.php.
Activate module

-- Which of the following statements is used to enable or disable a Magento 2 cache?
You may enable/disable a Magento 2 cache by running the following instructions.

allow php bin/magento cache
deactivate php bin/magento cache

-- What's the distinction between cache: clean and cache: flush?
Cache: clean clear all caches that have been enabled for Magento. Cache: flush, on the other hand, eliminates all cache storage, whether from a third-party or Magento cache.

-- How do you reset the file and directory permissions in Magento?
You may reset the Magento file and directory permissions by running the following commands through the directory where Magento is installed.