Corporate Training:

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Corporate Training

Join our PHP internship program, questionnaire sessions, and seminars at BVM Web Solution in JAIPUR to obtain your PHP certification. Learn how to configure the Apache web server and connect to the MySQL database in simple steps. Learning from the ground up provides intense delight to your soul and dreams.

Learn the fundamentals of programming by using conditional statements, while loops, and functions. How to host a website on a localhost Apache server. We started with the fundamentals of HTML and CSS tags before moving on to client-side scripting (JAVA Script) and server-side PHP programming. Our intention is to cover all course subjects and chapters with practical PHP code implementation and precise script, syntax, and classes. An exam will be held prior to PHP certification, followed by test preparation and a series of questions and answers.

In addition to our internship program, we provide short-term certification training in PHP CMS WordPress and the most recent frameworks like Laraval, Codeigniter, and CakePHP, which are becoming prominent in the Jaipur web industry. Frameworks help students grasp the MVC Architecture pattern in web development. The internship also includes HTML 5 and CSS formatting, as well as Web Designing ideas.