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Job Oriented Training:

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Are you a final-year student seeking employment?

For final-year students in B.Tech, MCA, and IT, BVM offers live project training. All of our students receive placement assistance from us. You receive the greatest hands-on instruction from our developers, assisting you in setting up in business and finding employment quickly. Our training plan places a high priority on solid knowledge and flawless programming ideas. For internships and training, we facilitate a variety of fields including Python, Java, PHP, Android, iOS,.NET, Digital Marketing, SEO, C Language, and C++.

The initial one is for applicants who wish to further their careers in the IT sector and lasts 45 days. BVM Internship is a two to three month programme for new graduates who wish to learn PHP and Android in-depth. For B-Tech and MCA students, there is a 45-day IT course, and for MCA and MBA students, there is a 3-month IT study plan. You can reach out to us for further information.