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What are PHP CMS Magento features:

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1. Reporting and Analytics:

One of the most important aspects of an eCommerce website is accurate analytics and reporting.
Magento provides Google Analytics support to provide you with a detailed investigation. Furthermore, it offers you with the following reports:

  • Sales figures
  • Tax return
  • Report on abandoned shopping carts
  • Report on the most popular items
  • Information on the most frequently purchased goods
  • Low stock alert
  • Report on Search Terms
  • Report on Product Reviews
  • Report on Coupon Usage
  • Report on total sales invoiced

2. Product Exploration:

If your eCommerce website's product browsing experience is subpar, the consumer may lose interest in purchasing.
As a result, Magento has various functions that assist you in providing a better buying experience to the consumer.
Zooming in and out on product photographs, as well as several images per page, are among the features. product, display stock availability, product wish list addition, show pricing tiers, and many more. top e-commerce service providers.

3. Catalogue Administration:

The catalogue of your eCommerce website is critical regardless of the items you offer.
Magento has several tools that aid with catalogue management.
This comprehensive platform allows for the display of virtual items, the editing and deletion of product reviews, complete inventory management, quick product development, dynamic pricing, and social sharing of the products.

4. Accounts of Customers:

Magento makes it simple to handle user accounts with a wide range of features.
Customer account features include a detailed account dashboard, purchase history and status, one or more delivery addresses, billing choices, seeing recently ordered items, newsletter subscription, and more.

5. Order Administration:

The platform also addresses the order management process. The functionalities include viewing, creation & editing of orders from the admin panel, multiple invoice printing, call-center support, shipping labels, email notifications, and RSS feed for new orders.
Also, customization of order status and credit memos can also be availed with Magento.

6. Payment and Shipping:

Payment and delivery are the two most crucial elements of an eCommerce site. And Magento has capabilities that allow these activities to go as smoothly as possible.
The platform includes features such as one page checkout, complete SSL security, payment gateway integration, shipping module integration, support for various payment channels, and many more.

7. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

Magento offers a variety of SEO solutions since SEO is what drives traffic to eCommerce websites.
Magento eCommerce SEO capabilities include Google sitemap generation, SEO friendly URLs, sorting popular searches, compatibility with multiple search engines, popularity-based search phrases, customer sorting attributes, and many more.
It also allows for speedier loading by minimising the need of.css and.js files.

8. Marketing and Promotional Materials:

Magento also comes with a slew of powerful marketing and promotion capabilities.
The Magento eCommerce platform's different capabilities make marketing and promotion easier.
The tools provide services such as product upselling and cross-selling, promotional pricing, coupon code sharing reports, coupon usage monitoring, new product promotion, free delivery, and so on. Here are the 7 Steps. How to Optimise Your E-Commerce Site to Attract These High-Quality Leads.

9. Site Administration:

Magento is extraordinary when it comes to website administration.
This platform's CMS is ideal for creating landing pages.
Other features like as tax computations, multi-language and multi-currency compatibility, user authentication, and stunning configurable designs help to ease website maintenance.

10. Mobile Commerce :

We already know that about 70% of eCommerce shoppers prefer to buy online using their mobile phones. And you can rely on this large demography of mobile users with Magento.
This free eCommerce platform makes it simple to create mobile-friendly websites and applications.
It provides mobile HTML5 technologies for building mobile-friendly storefronts. For improved mobile experiences, it allows drag and drop, swiping, zooming, and multi touch.