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Magento Developer Interview Question:

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How Magento training Add Products

Magento products are the objects or things that are sold. You may add your items to the shop view based on the demands of your consumers. It encompasses both tangible goods and services.
Magento makes it simple to add product quantities, as shown in the steps below.

Step 1: Log in to your Magento Admin Panel.
Step 2: Navigate to Catalogue and click Manage Products from the dropdown menu.
Step 3: If you have added items to your Magento shop, you will see a list of them under the Manage items area. If you wish to add a new product, go to the page's Add Product button.
Step 4: Next, choose an Attribute Set and a Product Type. There is no need to make any changes; simply proceed just go ahead and click on Continue button.
Step 5: Fill out all of the data under the General area, such as the product's name, description, SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), weight, status, visibility, and so on, and then click the Save and Continue Edit button.
Step 6: Enter your product's price and tax class, and you may also add extra prices using the Group Price, Special Price, and Tier Price options. To proceed, fill out all of the required information and click the Save and Continue Edit button.
Step 7: To view a list of the stored items, go to the Catalogue and select the Manage items option.
Step 8: You may customise the product details by selecting the Inventory option on the left side. As indicated on the screen, you may set the amount of the items, stock availability, and so on. Then save the product by clicking the save button.