Terms & Conditions

The guidelines outlined in the sentences below must be followed by you. All current platforms may be immediately suspended and/or terminated for any breach of the conditions outlined below.

We offer our clients the capacity to gather and transmit a variety of public, private, corporate, and non-commercial relevant data as a Website Hosting Provider. Additionally, we want our customers to be fully aware of both their and our legal responsibilities in relation to how they use the Internet. This Internet Connectivity Policy is meant to provide a straightforward explanation of the rights and duties set forth in each client's individual agreement signed (the "Services Agreement"), which it enhances and clarifies.

The Internet transcends national and geographic borders. It has its own electronic mail etiquette and privacy. Anyone attempting to invade privacy by SENDING UNSOLICITED MAIL within or outside of India is DIRECTLY VIOLATING OUR POLICY.

The essential truth about the Internet is that nobody owns or controls it, not ourselves nor anybody else. This feature is largely responsible for the openness and value of the Internet, but it also highlights the importance of the judgement and responsibility of individuals who use it, both in terms of the information they get and the information they transmit to others. Clients should be aware that we cannot control, confirm, guarantee, or attest to the authenticity or quality of information that clients may access when using the Internet. Due to this, the client should use caution when relying on information found on the Internet. They should also be aware that certain content placed there may be unpleasant or sexually explicit. We cannot assume responsibility for harm to our clients caused by erroneous, inappropriate, or offensive Internet communications since we are unable to monitor and control the Internet and will not seek to do so.

Clients must be aware that we do not examine, edit, censor, or accept responsibility for any content our clients may make when they publish information online. Clients are given what will, for the most part, be a new obligation. Users who post content online bear the same legal responsibility for copyright infringement, defamation, and other damaging speech as other writers. Additionally, clients' postings to the Internet may have an adverse effect on other clients as well as our goodwill, business reputation, and operations because the information they produce is transmitted through our facilities and may reach a large audience, including both clients and non-clients of ours.

The Policy
  • Your sign-up email address or the email address we have on file will receive all notifications about spam complaints.
  • Internet users and hosting companies particularly dislike the practice of unsolicited, commercial bulk e-mail, or "spamming." It is especially destructive not just because it has a bad effect on customer perceptions of us but also because it has the potential to overwhelm our equipment and interfere with client service.
  • All projects that get no contact from the client's end for seven days without warning will be deemed inactive or dormant, and team members will be removed from those projects with a two-working-day advance warning.
  • A fee of $ 800 (INR 64000.00) may be charged by BVM for each complaint it investigates.
  • We keep our clients accountable for handling spam from or concerning their area of the network; BVM does not deal with your clients, their clients, etc.
  • We keep our clients accountable for handling spam from or concerning their area of the network; BVM does not deal with your clients, their clients, etc.
  • If our dedicated server provider makes a complaint, we will suspend your account and, depending on the outcome of the inquiry, may also charge you a cost of US$ 800 (or INR 64000.00).
  • If we ever come to the conclusion that you are willfully breaking our AUP, we reserve the right to suspend or shut down your server in CBR's sole discretion. The US$ 800 examination fee. will be used if we find that you are purposefully breaking our AUP.
  • Your sign-up email address or the email address we have on file will receive all notifications about spam complaints.
  • Internet users and hosting companies particularly dislike the practice of unsolicited, commercial bulk e-mail, or "spamming." It is especially destructive not just because it has a bad effect on customer perceptions of us but also because it has the potential to overwhelm our equipment and interfere with client service.
  • All projects that get no contact from the client's end for seven days without warning will be deemed inactive or dormant, and team members will be removed from those projects with a two-working-day advance warning.
  • Beginning in January 2020, BVM payment conditions will be applied on a weekly or bi-monthly basis, requiring clients to pay the invoices for the work assigned to the team in advance. The customer will be given a detailed explanation of the work that will be done during the sprint, and after receiving their approval, invoices will be delivered to them so that the work may begin during that sprint. Without the BVM accounts team's approval of an invoice, no sprint work must be initiated.
  • Sending "junk mail" or other promotional materials to people who haven't explicitly requested them, which may include:- Sending unsolicited commercial email communications (UCE), sending UCE referencing a domain hosted by the company's email address, sending UCE referencing a company-hosted IP address and harassment, whether expressed in terms of language, communication volume or frequency.
  • What exactly violates these clauses shall be decided exclusively by the Company. Any verified UCE that is reported to the company will result in immediate account suspension and/or termination without reimbursement and further penalties for the customer.
Copyright Infringement

The infringement of copyrights owned by people, businesses, or other entities may subject the offender to civil and criminal penalties, subject WHP to legal action, and may result in reputational damage.

Distribution and/or Transmission of Indecent or Obscene Speech or Materials :Criminal sanctions may apply for indecency and obscenity offenses. Defamation – If someone uses the Internet to spread defamatory statements, they may be held legally liable, and the WHP whose facilities were utilized may also be subject to legal action.

Illegal or unauthorized access to other computers or networks : This entails the risk of civil and criminal penalties under federal law as well as the majority of state laws. This practice is sometimes referred to as "hacking."

Distribution of Internet Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses, and Other Destructive Activities : Under both federal and state law, dissemination of Internet Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses, and other destructive activities, such as hacking, may subject the perpetrator to serious civil and/or criminal liability.

A person's capacity to export encryption software : Through the Internet or another method, to locations outside the United States is restricted by law.

Bandwidth & Utilization : The Company really offers our Customers the space and transfer restrictions so they may build their websites without worrying about going over their allotted Web traffic volume. While the majority of Customers will utilise the space and traffic for their valid website requirements, we are aware that some may try to take advantage of our offer and use the space and traffic for purposes other than those for which they were intended. The Company may take whatever actions are required to provide its services, to ensure that all of the Company's clients can enjoy them, and to make sure that certain clients do not use services to the detriment of other clients in order to protect the best interests of our Customers and uphold the integrity of our service. Customers with websites that attempt to abuse the company's unlimited traffic or storage plan in any other manner risk having their sites suspended and/or deleted from the servers, at the company's discretion. When it comes to websites or resource usage that violates or has the aim to violate our policies, the Company shall be the only and ultimate judge.

Other Activities :

Any actions, whether legal or illegal, that we deem to be detrimental to our customers, business, or reputation, including any that prevent or prohibit another user from utilizing and benefiting from the service or the Internet. Additionally, any actions taken by anybody in an effort to harass or disparage the Company may be met with legal action, financial penalties, or a combination of both. What constitutes a breach of this policy shall only be decided by the Company.

As we have stated, it is largely the client's obligation to refrain from the detrimental actions already mentioned. As a matter of course, we won't check to see if our clients' communications adhere to our policy or the relevant laws. However, there are a number of activities we may do once we become aware of damaging messages. We reserve the right to delete content that offends our policies, put in place screening technologies to stop offensive transmissions, or take any other necessary action, including terminating a client's relationship with us.

We are also aware that many of our clients offer their own hosting services, and that information coming from those customers to our facilities may have been created by those clients' own clients or by other third parties. We don't demand that our clients who provide hosting services keep an eye on or censor transmissions made by their clients' clients. Clients who intentionally communicate things that are against the law or our policy are also breaking our policy.

In the same way, we hope that clients who provide hosting services will assist us in taking any remedial measures we consider essential to stop the transmission of any content that is detrimental to us or our clients. It is against our policy to refuse to assist with such remedial and preventative steps. We are also worried about how private internet discussions are. The Internet is generally no more nor less safe than some other widely used communication channels including voice telephone service, fax, and mail, each of which may be intercepted and sometimes corrupted.

But out of caution, we advise our clients to consider all of their online conversations to be unsecure. For the security of communications sent across our facilities, we can accept no liability. However, we shall completely abide by all applicable regulations pertaining to the confidentiality of our clients' online interactions. In particular, unless compelled by law, we shall not knowingly monitor or reveal any private electronic mail communications sent or received by our clients. To make sure that our facilities are running well, we may monitor our service electronically.

Additionally, we might need to reveal data sent via our facilities in order to abide by court orders, laws, rules, or other official requirements. Finally, in order to protect our customers and ourselves from damage or in order for the system to function properly, we may release information communicated across our facilities. If a server or piece of hardware malfunctions and causes the loss of client material, we are not liable. Although we make regular system backups, we cannot guarantee that the content is current. The customer is in charge of keeping a complete backup of their website. We anticipate that all applicable laws pertaining to the privacy of online communications will be properly complied with by our clients who offer hosting services to other people.

Last but not least, we want to underline that customers are agreeing to hold us harmless for any violations of the Services Agreement, the law, or business policies that cause us to suffer damage or give rise to a claim. This implies that the client will pay any damages imposed against us, expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees, if we are sued as a result of the client's actions that violate any law, the Services Agreement, or this policy (which is a component of the Services Agreement).

It is completely forbidden to make any attempt to damage or undermine the Company server or the online presence of another client. The Company retains the right to delete any account without prior notice for violating any of the aforementioned Terms of Service, with no refunds granted. Any of the aforementioned Terms of Service violations may result in legal action, service fees, or a combination of both. In the event that you are discovered to be in breach of the aforementioned terms and conditions, we reserve the right to immediately and without prior notice terminate your use of the service.


The Technical Support staff of our web host is available for debugging, but they might not be able to assist with poor coding techniques or programming mistakes made by the customer in their scripts that could cause any problems or faults in their site. The customer is fully aware that we, as a web host's reseller, must depend entirely on them to provide all technical help, and that they could or might not be able to fix the client's technical issues. Because we are merely a reseller and the client cannot hold us liable for anything, the customer is not permitted to bring any claims against us about any technical issues.

If the server network in the USA has any issues or outages due to spamming, hacking, server or hardware failure, we disclaim all liability. The client acknowledges and agrees that we, an Indian-based reseller of the network company that looks after the servers at the data centre, have no control over any of these factors. As a result, we are not liable for any downtime that may have occurred, as well as for any other issues or mistakes that the client or the client's website may encounter. We are also NOT liable for any damages of any kind. Therefore, the customer is under no obligation to sue us for any reason.

The client is aware that we are only a reseller for the business that operates the Data Center's dedicated servers. All of our technical support is provided by a linked firm, thus any actions, if any, that are judged appropriate by that company to safeguard the protection of their services are legitimate. The client CANNOT raise any claims against us and CANNOT hold us RESPONSIBLE for anything. The client is aware that web hosting has dangers just like any other industry. There are many potential causes, and the client's website may or may not experience downtime as a result. We solely act as a reseller for the web host or the firm in charge of the data center's dedicated servers. We have no other authority over any of them and assume no liability.

The customer fully understands the risks, is unable to hold us accountable for anything, and is under no circumstances permitted to assert any claims against us. We are unable to validate or check the software or digital certificates installed by the web host or the customer on their respective websites since we are a reseller (located in India) of the relevant web host. We are not liable for any damages, and neither the client nor any other visitor to the site may hold us accountable for anything linked to it. The customer is well aware that in order to provide the services and support they have requested, we, an Indian-based reseller, must rely on the web host, who manages the dedicated servers in the data center. We under no circumstances have any control over any technical error, error in any support given, or termination of the service due to technical issues

Since we, as a reseller, have no control over any of these, the customer is unable to hold us accountable and CANNOT hold us liable for any damages. The client is completely aware that we are NOT in charge of it. We declare that we register any domain names (regardless of domain name extension) handled via our business through a reseller of an Authorized legitimate registrant. This effectively signifies that we are that reseller's reseller. As a result, we have NO CONTROL OVER THE REGISTERED DOMAINS, and it is SOLELY THE CLIENT'S RESPONSIBILITY TO MANAGE THEIR DOMA

Therefore, we are not liable for any harm or loss of a domain name to a third party or anything else linked to the domain name's registration, transfer, renewal, or loss, and we are not accountable for any harm the client may experience as a result of the domain name. The customer is entirely responsible for managing and verifying that his or her domain entries, domain renewal date, domain transfer, and any other matters relating to the domain name are accurate. Within the first three months (three months) from the date the relevant domain name was first registered for the client, if the client discovers any issues with or errors in any of his or her domain entries, he may contact us, and we will then notify the company that registered the domain for the client to investigate the issue right away.

If no contact information is given to us at the time of domain name registration, the domain name entries are by default left blank or we provide the name of our domain name administrator. Of course, the customer has full control over changing the entries at any moment using his domain name administration panel. The customer is fully aware that we are merely a reseller and that we transmit the domain name registration to another business; as a result, we are not liable for any mistakes and have NO control over the domain name. The customer is entirely responsible for keeping track of all of his or her domain name entries, including everything relating to the Registrant, Tech, Billing, Admin, DNS, Renewal Date, and Transfer of the domain name.

The customer is under no circumstances permitted to assert any claims against us over his or her domain name, and we are not liable for any damages whatsoever relating to the domain name. The domain name of the customer is solely the client's responsibility and NOT ours. We expressly declare that the customer is solely responsible for managing his or her domain name and that this is the client's exclusive obligation. Since we are a reseller, the client is unable to request domain name management services from us or make any other claims against us. The customer is entirely responsible for keeping their FTP, database, email, stats, and domain name account and password safe. In the event that the client gives his username or password to a possible criminal or is/was negligent with the login information and causes any harm to the client's website or domain name, we will not be held liable for anything linked to that website or domain name.

The customer has no right to assert any claims against us. We explicitly mention that we only employ third-party merchant accounts that are very safe, reputable, and trustworthy when it comes to any online payments made or accepted on our website, such as paypal.com, ccnow.com, billcc.com, ibill.com, etc. Only this shop's third-party merchant account bills and charges the online customer who made the purchase, and only this store charges their credit card and receives their payment. Additional to the client's contact information and the plan they chose, we receive virtually NO other information. This third-party merchant account is impartial and serves everyone's interests. We are just customers who utilize their services; so, we are also their clients.

This incredibly safe & dependable third-party merchant account is the sole one in charge of the entire payment process. We CERTAINLY DO NOT get any sensitive information, and we CERTAINLY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES. The customer has no right to assert any claims against us. Any client who is interested in our services must pay ONLY by demand draught or check. In accordance with our company policy, the client's hard copy invoice will be issued 4-6 weeks after the setup date. The customer shall include ONLY this physical copy of the invoice sent by us as the final copy & only this hard copy may be used for any future reference. Any electronic invoice (or soft copy), IF it is ever sent, CANNOT be used as legal proof or evidence against us since it may be readily modified, doctored, or saved as the same file with any file extension, and anybody can take an invalid printout of the changed, doctored, or altered file.

Therefore, any electronic invoice (or soft copy) is invalid, and any printing of an electronic invoice on paper is completely invalid. For the aforementioned reason, neither of these documents may be used as legal proof or evidence of any kind. ONLY the physical copy of the customer's invoice that we sent to the client via the Indian Postal Services (on letterhead paper from our business) is considered valid. The duties of Internet users, including our clients, as responsible members of the Internet community, and us, are hopefully made clearer by our Policy Statement. We make every effort to improve and secure the hosting experience for our customers.


You are not allowed to provide for download on your website any commercially available software, fixes, patches, or electronic media. If we determine that you have broken this condition, we retain the right to immediately discontinue your service. NOT a single download site in English. The aforementioned Terms of Service have been in effect since the launch of our website, and we anticipate that ALL of our customers will adhere by them and behave responsibly in the online community. We retain the right to amend these terms of service at any time, and such changes will be properly announced and displayed on our website.

Additionally, we retain the right to permanently discontinue your account without return if it is determined that you have broken any agreements that are presently in force, any of the aforementioned Terms, or our policy. Email us at info@bvmsolution.com if you have any complaints, doubts, worries, or questions, and we will do all in our power to assist you. We are always here for you, but we also expect our customers to be responsible members of the online community and recognize that because we are a small business with a team of enthusiastic young employees working in a shared server environment, we have to consider and act in the best interests of all of our customers.



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