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Kendell T. (USA)

This was an absolutely amazing job. Everything was completed at lightning fast speeds and with pristine quality. I also appreciated the professionalism shown. They sent visual status updates and were always available to communicate. I will most definitely continue to work with them and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND their services to anyone looking for great quality work."

Minshi L. (China)

Unexpectedly good communication and great service! I was also promised 6months of service in case there are issues. We'll see how it goes. For now VERY SATISFIED!

kairosbusiness (Australia)

great analysis session to work out further project scope.

Kam Chuen Andy N. (Honkong)

The developer is a good man :) he can deliver on time and responsible. I know you would be able to handle larger project in the future :)

Sherie C. (Australia)

Very happy with the work done. They are very professional and efficient in finding out and solving the problem. Will definitely hire them again for my next project.

James A. (Australia)

I placed some strong demands on him as the project required some high quality details. BVM persevered and got the job done. As a result I am rehiring him

Ante M. (Serbia)

This task was not easy, but developers had a patient to communicate all the details and done everything by the specs. Will hire again definitely.

Mariana K. (US)

This was my first project on freelancer.com and I couldn't be happier. These guys overdelivered. Extremely professional, ALL my requests were created. I'm super happy with the results and will be working with them again. Highly recommend their work!

James A. (Australia)

Great job and they went back and fixed all problems so the code doesn't break when updating

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