Web Technologies

BVM employs cutting-edge technologies to deliver high-quality and dependable web and mobile solutions. Our professionals are always reviewing and researching new development technologies in order to stay current with the newest web and mobile app development trends.

PHP Development

XML Development


Apps Development

Mobile Application Platform

We have expert mobile app developers who can provide the best app solution for your company.

  • Android Platform

    Android Platform

    We are an Android-friendly development company that provides the opportunity to hire dedicated Android app developers to create apps for your business. Our programmers have extensive experience & in developing top Android apps for small, medium and large businesses all over the world. We have been making steady progress in android app development over the last few years, thanks to a dedicated team of developers. We stay up to date on the latest technologies in order to meet the needs of our clients and deliver high-quality apps. We are new platform that provides amazing Android apps in the market.

  • iOS Platform

    iOS Platform

    BVM is an iPhone application development company with a team of iOS experts, allowing us to provide comprehensive and robust mobile applications to clients worldwide. We have a dedicated iPhone developer team that creates scalable iOS mobile applications. Our dedicated iOS development process is designed to provide the client with an excellent solution that will drive results to their business. Our development team is well-versed in the most recent SDK technologies, allowing us to deliver complex applications as well.

Framework & Technologies used by us.

We provide the most effective web frameworks for quick and easy web development.

  • CakePHP Framework
  • Laravel Framework
  • CodeIgniter Framework
  • NodeJs Framework
  • Zend Framework
  • Angular Framework
  • Magento Framework
  • Bootstrap Framework

Database Technologies

We employ well-known and dependable databases to keep our development process running smoothly for any complex or large data set.

  • MySQL Database

    MySQL Database

    The MySQL team of BVM web solutions created, manages and supports the MySQL database service, an entirely controlled service.

    BVM workflows processes like database and server patching, data loss prevention, backup system and recovery. You alone are in charge of maintaining your stored data, designs and you can regulate them as well. It might be everything, such as a straight forward grocery list, a webpage, or the enormous quantity of data in a business network. As a database management system, MySQL server, is required to add, acquire and analyze information contained in a computer database.

  • MongoDB Database

    MongoDB Database

    Non-relational documentation database MongoDB supports containers that is similar to source code. The MongoDB database has complete search assistance, persistence and a configurable schema that makes it possible to maintain large amounts of data.

Services for Quality Assurance

BVM web solutions provides a dedicated QA team and individuals who will work solely on a client's project and cooperate with the client's staff.

Manual Testing

It is challenging to create a mobile or web-based method that is effective on the initial try; it requires a variety of development lifecycles and there is a high possibility of mistakes. As a result, the process of software testing and quality testing aids in achieving 'perfect' software development quality. During manual testing, our QA assumes the position of a project and tests the entire project procedure to find issues.

Manual testing phases include functional testing, integration and system testing, verification and validation, and user acceptability testing, among many others.

Manual Testing
Software Testing

Software Testing

Automation testing of software is intended to boost efficiencies while decreasing human workers and expenses. It is simple to acquire reliable and precise outcomes in a short amount of time using automation testing. This technique involves the automated execution of a manual procedure.

The final phase of web development is software testing, during which software testers assess code by challenging it. This review might end quickly or keep going until all parties are happy. Software testing finds faults and problems early in the development process allowing them to be repaired before the release of the product. This strategy makes sure that only high-quality goods are provided to customers, which boosts their happiness and confidence.

Internet Marketing and Brand Creation

The skilled team of internet marketing experts at BVM Web Solutions performs all types of brand design and promotion activities. The primary actions for brand promotion are SEO, SMO, app store optimization of mobile apps, and email marketing.

Additional advantages include

  • Extensive quality control and testing to assure the quality of the work done.
  • Documenting the criteria with unique ideas to ensure that everything is adequately prepared from the beginning.
  • Believe in making necessary comments for improving the intended application.
  • Support and maintenance with high availability and rapid response.
  • FREE technical support for 30 business days following project completion.