Our Team “Our Strength” - We are here because of them

A company is known by their work, quality, speciality etc. That’s come into the company by its employees skills and capability. An employee is not only an employee of the organization rather he/she is a representative of the organization in the market. They present the company environment, level, standard, quality of service, and so on.

BVM is proud to have such a punctual, talented, diversified, innovative, and proficient team of dedicated professionals. At BVM our client doesn't have the option to choose from the wide pool of professionals according to their requirement of the project, because all team members have their own speciality to do the work. Each of them has capability to take challenges, their own speciality, skills, knowledge, experience. We believe human resources are the main asset for an organization. Our main aim to grow as a company with our team, We believe in investing in human resources.

We ensure that our all professionals team members must run with the market, meaning they all have updated with modern & latest technology and always try to do something innovative, we always help them to learn new by motivation, appreciation, remuneration, celebration, etc.

We deliver our service in the market from 14+ years, due to a handsome experience of various projects in Web development our teams getting the experience and proficiency in the way of delivering the quality service within a given deadline and this is helpful for us in creating the trust or satisfaction of our client for the long term.


From The Director Desk

At BVM web development company, our management team helped us to reach our goal. By maintaining coordination, communication, staffing, punctuality, environment, recruitment etc. That help our organization in achieving efficiency in our work in their quality, & delivering on time. Our management team provides necessary training & guidance to our employees according to the project need and their requirement. Our team analyzes, understands and evaluates the requirements of the project. Our team analyzes the needs of the project and makes strategies according to the current market scenario, that keep up to us and our clients with the trend.

Our Team

IOS Team

We have an expert team of iOS developers who have good experience in this field and are available to provide the best solution to our client in iOS development. Our team fulfills all the requirements of clients due to their great understanding level, logics, knowledge, and expertisation. Our team keeps in touch with the customer until they successfully deliver your app to the iOS store. We always update with the latest technologies and trends with the iOS development expert team, we run according to the modern market.


PHP Team

BVM in other words you can say, a place where you find the best PHP developers. We have 14+ years of experience in Php technology, we have an expert and professional PHP developer team. We have an expert team on PHP development who works on Laravel, CI, WordPress, Core PHP, CakePhp and so on. BVM PHP team has a good technical experience of developing fully featured and customized solutions to your business. Our web developers & web designers will also let you know the tool, resources, skills, logic they use while doing your PHP projects.

SEO Team

Our SEO team plays an important role in our organization's growth, SEO becoming more popular day by day, it is the need of today's market. Our SEO team has great understanding of current marketing trends, products, research, and analysis which is helpful to grow our business day by day in this competitive world. Our SEO team is always ready to learn & create new scope, technology in the market which can be helpful for our business point of view.


Android Team

We have 9+ years of experience in android development with good expertise, knowledge and skills in their area. Our android development team focuses on giving the bestest experience to our clients. We ensure that our client will receive a user-friendly product. Our android developers team always work on the latest technologies in android development. We believe in making long term relationships with our clients by providing the best service to them.

QA (Quality Analyst) Team

Our QA team helps us to deliver the quality service to our clients, they ensure the quality of our designed and developed sites. Our QA team having good experience in testing they use each tool to provide the quality service to the clients. Our QA team checks the functionality, bugs, codes, design everything of your project, after the assurance of QA we deliver the project to our clients.