How to clear cache in wordpress?

However, several of the WordPress users keep concerning that page or posts updates are not showing instantly. It’s annoying to see the old content once the changes are done on the WordPress. Isn’t it?

The common reasons for this behaviour is because of your application program cache, net server cache and WordPress cache plugins etc.

During this guide, I’ll show you the way to to clear WordPress cache in order that you’ll see changes straightaway.

What is WordPress cache?

Several WordPress sites uses cache plugins like WP Super Cache or W3 Total cache to boost performance of WordPress.

These caching solutions generates static HTML files from dynamic WordPress journal. Once a HTML file generated your web server can serve these files rather than aggregation PHP scripts once more and once more.

So, WordPress cache plugins boosts your web site page speeds and enhances net server performance too.

However, generally this caching causes you to not see updates right once you create changes to your journal. you’ve got to clear WordPress cache manually through plugins to envision any changes.

So let’s see the way to clear cache through the foremost widespread cache plugins.

Clear WordPress cache on WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is one in all the foremost wide used caching plugins by WordPress internet sites. you’ll follow below steps to clear cache manually if you’re victimisation this plugin.

Step 1: Login to WordPress Administration Dashboard.

Step 2: Attend Settings and click on WP Super Cache as shown within the image.

WP Super Cache Plugin

Step 3: Click on delete all caches button to delete all cached knowledge.

Clear WP Super Cache

That’s it! By following beyond steps you’ll clear WordPress cache generated by W3 Total Cache.

Clearing cache on W3 Total Cache Plugin

W3 Total Cache could be a highly regarded among advanced WordPress users thanks to its customisation and advanced options.

Let’s show you the way to clear cache on W3 Total Cache.

Step 1: Login to WordPress Administration Dashboard

Step 2: Click on Performance tab and then click on Dashboard

W3 Total Cache

Step 3: Click on the empty all caches button to delete all of the cached data from the wordpress.

W3 Total Cache Clear

That’s it! By following higher than steps you’ll clear WordPress cache generated by W3 Total Cache.

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