How to Migrate WordPress Website to Live Server?

There are many options to migrate a WordPress website to a live server. But we have a quite simple process to migrate a WordPress website to a live server or from one server to another, for this, we are using the All-In-One WP Migration plugin to migrate.

With the given guidelines you can easily transfer your site.

How to manage the plugin section:-

Click on the plugin you will see all plugin here. Find add a new option in the plugin.

When you click search box then you find “all in one wp migration” plugin there. Now you click activate plugin option.

Now, the plugin you have activated provides you with import and export settings.

Click on this option, now you will see many options here. Click on the ‘import’ option. Now you will see a file, URL, FTP, dropbox, google drive, amazon s3, and many options. You can simply choose the file option. (you can also choose another option as you need).

Then go to the live server do the same process for plugin installation. And there you need to click on the import option. Then select the file option and wait for import.

After the process completed. You can check your site. It will be migrated successfully.

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