Easy way to add fonts to the website.

Adding unique fonts to your website is a great way to make your design more stand out online.

Make your website design more stand out online with the unique fonts.
In this article, I will take you step-by-step process for adding any fonts to your website.

However, when searching for a font online, you always need to keep in mind the installation method, the license agreement, and the price.

Without further adon, here i will tell you the best way to add most popular fonts to your website:

Google Web fonts are great option and can be used on your websites without any cost and agreement. Technically speaking, with google fonts you can add just about any fonts to anyof your website.

Google Fonts provides the way to use their fonts. The following is an example to use Google Fonts:

1. Visit to the Google Fonts website.

There you will find 853 font families and counting! there you can find and select any of the font you required.

2. Search the font you need.

You can search the font form the search field .

3. Click “+” when you are ready with the font to use.

Every font has a plus button on the top right. you can select the font from there.

4. Click to the “selection drawer” to show the font you have chosen.

5. You can now simply grab the code from “selection drawer” and then you will copy/paste into your websites HTML and CSS code.

6. Copy CSS rule and paste it in into your website’s CSS file.

7. Save html & css file and load you website you can see the new font.

Congrats, There u go! You have successfully implemented your Google Font on your website.

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