How To Add A New User in WordPress

Do you really want to wish add new user to your wordpress site?? It’s so easy, follow these steps:-

  • Go to your WordPress admin page and login to your website. Enter your usename and password for login.
  • Now you can see your wordpress dashboard after sucessfull logged in.
  • Click on Users in the dashboard sidebar.
  • Click on Add New . It’s open a screen with form ,you have to fill out the form for create new user.
  • Enter a valid username and email address for create new user for your wordpress site. First name, last name, and website fields are optional.
  • Enter a password for your new user. You must use a strong password. We recommend to use a secure password for your user to prevent your website from hackers.
  • If you would like to notify the user about his login information by an email then click on chekbox to Send the new user an email about their account.
  • Choose a Role for your new user. Each user role have different set of permissions. Subscriber is the least powerful role, and administrator or network admin is the most powerful role. You need to choose a role depending on what tasks a user will be performing on your website. User role defined as below:

Administrator: someone who has access to all the administration permissions for your website.

Editor: someone who can publish and manage posts including the posts of other users.

Author: someone who can publish and manage their own posts.

Contributor: someone who can write and manage their own posts but cannot publish them.

Subscriber: someone who can only manage their profile.

  • Click the Add New User button and it’s all done. You can see your new user in your All Users list.