How can we fix header on scrolling?

There are many options for fixing headers on a website. But we have a fairly simple process of fixing a header on a website, we will assign a class or ID to that header to fix the header. Now we will define that class or ID in a jQuery and when we scroll through it, that jQuery will add a new class to it.

When that new class is added, it will take CSS to fix the new header and the header will be fixed as we wanted to do. We will apply the jQuery and CSS as shown in the picture below.

With the given guidelines you can easily fix header on a website.

How to manage jQuery section:-

First, add this jQuery in your footer, and defined header id ( class ). and defined your header fix class do you want. please see the below image.

Now, you add this CSS to your CSS file. As given in the screen below.

After the process completed. You can check your site. On the scroll, It will be fixed your header successfully.

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