Drive traffic to your website through SEO

  • Use stronger tactics:
    • Learn and adopt the right SEO strategies.
    • Use the most searchable keywords in your headlines throughout the website articles.
    • If your articles are containing images, add keywords to them also so that search engines know what they are about.
    • Make your URLs as SEO-friendly as possible by optimizing the slugs.
  • Use Long Keywords:
    • Don’t use popular keywords because they are highly competitive. For example – don’t use “Teaching Ideas”. These kinds of keywords hold a competitive position in the market and have competitors in bulk.
    • Instead, use long keywords like “Most effective teaching ideas 2020”. These keywords do not have competitors and are attractive at the same time.
    • You can also consider your competitors’ content and keywords strategies if you’re out of ideas.
  • Make some nice guest posts every month:
    • The links that lead to your site are called back-links. These are created naturally without the website owner has to go and generate them either through guest posting, or other forms of link building practices.
    • Guest posting can help you both, land back-links and strengthen your backlink profile, and drive traffic to your website.
    • Guest posts can help you to get new readers and get more traffic to your website through new readers.
  • Building natural ties:
    • Natural link building happens when other websites, bloggers and web owners from your niche link to your content on their own.
    • Make some good and valuable posts to which people want to get linked.

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