Drive traffic to your website by giving extra benefaction

  • Give-away free products:
    • Give one more reason for people to visit your site by giving them something for free.
    • It is a good idea to check out or to research what your competitors are doing.
    • It can be any type of product you can give away to your customers for a specific number of products or for purchasing a particular product. For example – it can be a free domain.
    • You can also set a time limit for the products. After a specific time, that particular product would not be available for free or would be replaced by a different product.
  • Host Concourses And Givings:
    • If you host contests and giveaways, there will be a fear of missing out among the people, and they’re very good for maximizing exposure.
    • They can leave you even with all sorts of valuable data that you can track and analyze. By A/B testing your giveaway ads you can gain information into what attracts your customers.
  • Build online courses for FREE:
    • Creating free online courses if a good idea if you want to set up your site as a command in your industry.
    • You will also be required to include lead generation forms for anyone wishing to sign up.
    • Seek a subject that you think will be important to your clients, based on your expertise, experience, and business nature. Naturally, you should be able to provide useful and profound knowledge on this subject.
    • You must, however, think about the costs of production if you want a premium online course. So plan ahead and consider whether your marketing strategy currently makes sense to invest in it.
  • Execute Webinars:
    • Although online courses are never-ending, you can opt for a webinar if you want something equivalent that capitalizes on FOMO.
    • Webinars are an ideal way to share your experience and communicate with your target audience and other professionals.
  • Build Quizzes:
    • Create quizzes for visitors with a “Share Results” feature.
    • Once users take part in any quiz, they get shareable results and if they find these results interesting or amusing, they are likely to share them to another website or on their social media accounts which will attract more visitors and draw more traffic to your website.

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